The Bellezza tradition

Our family has stood for the best quality for 40 years.

Our history

In 1975, Heinz Berberich founded the Berberich coffee machines in Ketsch and thus laid the foundation for our family tradition, because since 1975 the topic of brown beans has dominated every conversation.


Brasilia, Elektra, Wega, Rancilio and a few others were close partners and sometimes also good friends like Mr. Rossi.
Heinz Berberich helped develop the well-known Bremer Viva and also improved one or the other espresso machine.


We have incorporated these 40 years of experience with espresso machines into our devices, so Heinz Berberich helped develop the Inizio before his death. Now after 40 years, Alexander Lösch is continuing the tradition and following in big footsteps. The Bellezza espresso machines are handcrafted and radiate German know-how inside and out.


Heinz Berberich often liked to say: “If you don’t keep up with the times, time goes with you”

That is why Bellezza Espressomaschinen GmbH stands for technical progress and combines this with know-how from 40 years of experience.


Many years of work have gone into our products. From the cultivation to the finished espresso, we look for the best taste to make you and us happy too. Because everyone should be able to enjoy the best.