There are some things we are asked a lot. Here is a small extract from it.

To find the right grind we have to experiment a little.

If you have a grinder with a degree of grinding, you should start at 2.5 and, depending on the result, readjust the grinding degree accordingly:

  • If the coffee flows too quickly, set the grind to a finer level.
  • If the coffee does not flow at all, is too slow or intermittently, you should set the grind to a coarser setting.

If you have any further questions on this topic, please contact us.

To prepare a perfect coffee crema, we recommend a simple trick.

Use the portafilter with one outlet for espresso and the double outlet for coffee crema.

How so?

This does not mean that you cannot try different types, but we advise against changing the grind every day.